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VAS Video Gallery

Below are short installation videos showing two of our three different style vault access foundation frames. Every vault access solution show here was “Built to fit”. Specific needs included protecting an over 100 year old Redwood tree (Palo Alto) to Water Treatment Plant clear opening size of 10ft. 6” x 12ft. (Macon Georgia).  Don’t forget we have no Standard Sizes… Your needed size IS our standard size.

Before & After Below Ground Vault Installation & Retrofit

PG&E Natural Gas Below Ground Access Vault Installation

City of Palo Alto Sidewalk Vault Access Solutions

Foster City Direct Traffic Vault Access – Start to Finish in Less Than 4 Hours

City of Lancaster LA County Public Works Vault Access Installation

Yuba City Sewer Wet Well RAF Vault Access Installation

Macon, Georgia U.S.A. Treatment Plant Access Vault Installation

The City of Santa Cruz Below Ground Vault Retrofitting

San Bernardino Valley Direct Traffic RAF Vault Installation

City of Lancaster LA County Public Works Vault Access Retrofitting

Padre Dam Vault Access Solutions

City of Sacramento Water Treatment Plant Vault Access Retrofitting