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Overall Foundation Frame Height is 4″

VAS above ground vault fixtures are fully exposed above finish grade allowing collected fluids to be diverted to the exterior.


  • 3/16” Carbon Steel Foundation Frame
  • H-10 Rated Pedestrian Traffic Aluminum Components
  • ¼” Structural Grade 6061 T-6 Aluminum Diamond Plate Access Lid
  • All Steel Parts Zinc Rich Epoxy Powder Coated For Corrosion Protection
  • 304 Stainless Steel Door Self-Locking Safety Arm
  • ½” Diameter Grade 5 Security Bolts, Two Locations Per Door
  • Patented Door Fastening Security, Two Per Door
  • Patented Torsion Slip Assist (TSA)

Options and Upgrades:

  • ¼” SlipNOT® Stainless Steel Nonskid Plate Access Lid
  • Masterseal Traffic 1500 Polyurethane Base Coat with Slip Resistant Aggregate
  • All Steel Parts Hot Dipped Galvanized After Fabrication
  • Recessed Lock Box Securing 3/8” Stainless Steel Locking Rods
  • Slam Lock Security
  • Permanently Welded Identification Information of Your Specification

Using our SOF foundation frame PDF specification sheet it references that the usage of the fixture is for Electrical, Specifically it was utilized for below grade transformers in need of ventilation. When you look at and zoom into the photos of SOF fixture, it references “Interior Gasket Seal”, Specifically it was and currently is the product of choice for security access to potable drinking water storage tanks for the City of San Jose CA.

The foundation frame and security door are 100% ¼” thick structural aluminum. Stainless Steel is the material used for Hinge axis points, self-locking Safety Arm and security lock rods that are 3/8” inch in diameter. Those same rods not only are they “spring loaded” making them retract when the lock is removed but they secure the door at the 2 remaining corners away from the hinge axis points making ALL four corners attached & secure.

Because “Scaling” occurs to raw aluminum at these locations of potable drinking water storage, to eliminate the scaling the entire fixture is Garnet blasted and then powder coated with Extra durable chemistries that fully cure during the baking process giving protection to UV rays and stooping the scaling.

Like all our foundation frame types that are built to fit the end users need… We have no standard sizes. Your Needed size is our standard size. Upon request we can provide structural engineering to support a required load rating.