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MODEL # RAF-638 Vault Access Frame

Overall Foundation Frame Height is 6″

Usage: Retrofitting of below ground vault access at locations like sidewalks, with adherence to ADA requirements, and landscaped areas. Vault access retrofitting is accomplished by leaving the existing frame in place (NO demolition) and fabricating the RAF model vault frame to fit the location.


  • H-20 Rated Carbon Steel Foundation Frame
  • H-10 Rated Pedestrian Traffic Aluminum Components
  • Structural Grade 6061 T-6 Aluminum Diamond Floor Plate Access Lid
  • All Steel Parts Zinc Rich Epoxy Powder Coated Post Fabrication For Corrosion Protection
  • 304 Stainless Steel Self-Locking Door Safety Arms
  • ½” Diameter Grade 5 Security Bolts
  • Patented Door Fastening Security, Two Per Door
  • Patented Torsion Slip Assist (TSA)

Options and Upgrades:

  • H-20 Rated Incidental Traffic Aluminum Components
  • H-44 Direct Traffic Rated Steel Components
  • Carbon Steel Diamond Floor Plate Deck Lid
  • ¼” SlipNOT® Stainless Steel Nonskid Plate Access Lid
  • Masterseal Traffic 1500 Polyurethane Base Coat with Slip Resistant Aggregate
  • All Steel Parts to be Hot Dipped Galvanized After Fabrication
  • ½” Diameter Stainless Steel Penta Head Security Bolts
  • Recessed Lock Box Securing 3/8” Stainless Steel Locking Rods
  • Slam Lock Security
  • Self-Closing Meter Reader Door
  • Recessed Radio Read Transponder Hole
  • Four Corner Lifting Locations
  • Fluid Collection Channel & 1 ½” FIP Exit Port
  • Permanently Welded Identification Information of Your Specification