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VAS Vault Access Products

Our below ground access vault fixtures are based around three very different foundation frames.  Each vault foundation frame has their own benefits to suit your needs.

RAF Below ground vaults. 'Your needed size' is our standard size... Build what you need and We`ll fabricate to fit.

Model # RAF

RAF below ground access vaults can be designed to any size and built to suit any need.

The primary usage for model RAF vault access solutions include: retrofitting locations like sidewalks while adhearing to ADA requirements and landscaped areas. Retrofitting is accomplished by leaving the existing frame in place (NO demolition) and fabricating the RAF model to fit the location.

RAF – Frame STD   RAF – Wet Well  


Direct traffic vault applications is one of our many specialties.

Model # Z

The model Z addresses direct traffic vault applications.  Direct traffic vault access is one of our many specialties.

The primary usage for model Z vault access solutions include, new construction, or complete tear out of existing vault fixture and complete vault replacement

Z – Bar Frame STD   Z – Wet Well   H44 – Traffic Rated  

This fixture vented a below ground transformer at one of California's busiest air bases.

Model # SOF

The model SOF addresses situations where above grading is necessary for venting.  The fixture shown here vented a below ground transformer at one of California’s busiest air bases.

The primary usage for SOF vault access solutions include:  vault fixtures requiring above grade exposure, vault fixtures that must allow for fluid collection, and vault fixtures that must provide venting.


VAS Modular Steel Ladder Accessory

VAS Modular Steel Ladder Accessory

VAS Modular steel Ladder accessory begins at a 3ft. length and increases in 1ft. increments. We can fabricate in sections of 1, 3, 4 & 5 ft. sections allowing for all needed lengths to be achieved.

Our modular steel ladders are made of 3/16-inch thick formed steel. We use this steel to fabricate the main upper section in two different designs to accommodate two different “Safety Up Post” requirements, single or double.

Modular Steel Ladder Accessory

The actual door design for all foundation frames will be built to satisfy your specific needs.  We take into account: traffic rating, ADA compliance requirements, recessed transponder locations or reader doors, etc.  All three foundation frame types will accommodate doors that meet any such requirements.