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VAS Modular Steel Ladder Accessory and Up-Post

Modular Steel Ladder

VAS Modular Steel Ladder accessory begins at a 3ft. length and increases in 1ft. increments. We fabricate in sections of 1, 3, 4 & 5ft. sections allowing all needed lengths to be achieved.

Our Modular Steel Ladder is made of 3/16" thick formed steel. We fabricate the main upper section in two different designs to accommodate the two different "Safety Up-Post" requirements (single or double).

You can see the rung surface of each step has 1 ½" #6 Raised Expanded metal surface welded to the formed ladder body. Also, that we have provided holes in the formed steel ladder Rung to coincide with the opening in the raised expanded metal. Too often it is that there is mud on the soles of boots and what better than edges of rigid steel to scrape that mud from the soles with a place to go for the mud "The Holes" in the rungs. The Rungs are built on a 11" distance between each step.

Refer to illustrations to see how this heavy-duty modular ladder system will accommodate variables in vault wall surfaces vertically. The carriage bolt holes are all square for easy installation and the wall mount brackets being made of ¼” thick material are adjustable out an additional 3 ¾" in 5/8" increments at all wall attachment locations. Before installed mounting brackets are positioned to provide the required distance of 7" between wrung and wall surface.

VAS Safety Up-Post

VAS Safety up-post Fabricated 100% of Aluminum material with only a single part to lift up into a locked use position OR lower into a closed position. The lifting weight of the post is seven pounds. There are no parts to ware, corrode or to damage unless intentional. Our machined up-post sleeve guides a ½" diameter solid aluminum dowel into a locked position that can only be unlocked by lifting again and rotating. Simplicity at it best with the operating instructions being a bright label in "Orange" attached in the lifting handle location.

When ordering the ladder/Safety up-post accessories with a Below ground access fixture the attachment location will be documented by you the buyer so that it will be included in the fixture foundation frame assuring the correct height of the first step on to the ladder along with assurance the safety up-post will have the needed height above grade to meet OSHA standards. We have found this attaching the ladder on site with the two ½” bolts and washers provided in the foundation frame of the access fixture… installation takes only 10-15 minutes including concrete anchors installed. With the main two ½” bolts installed attaching the ladder the up-post can be raised allowing a person to go down the ladder to install the needed concrete anchors.