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About Vault Access Solutions

Vault Access Solutions & Fabrication (VAS) is a Nevada Corporation specializing in vault retrofit design and fabrication.


Retrofitting for both dry and wet utilities sometimes requires structural strength levels rated for direct traffic. The VAS Corporation holds and owns two patents on parts used in the fabrication of our below ground access fixtures to achieve acceptance in this rating classification. Our unique and patented parts provide the “lift assist” for exceptionally heavy, hinged doors while also securing them in place and protecting against vibration in direct traffic locations. With years of performance in the Lake Tahoe area, our patented bolt down parts have provided proven protection against snow plow vibration and earned us exclusivity for our below ground access fixture in the Truckee Donner Sanitation District System. VAS products are also manufactured with our patented, industry exclusive Torsion Slip Assist System (TSA) which, due to past performance, allows Vault Access Solutions to provide a Lifetime Warranty on the torsion energy source.

Additionally, to make the task of retrofitting quick and easy, Vault Access Solutions has developed and certified our foundation frame design as H-20 rated to accommodate the countless construction application types used over the past five decades. This innovative retrofit design allows for a two person crew to remove AND install a safe, new access fixture in most median/ planter locations in less than one hour with no more than 3/8th of an inch change to the existing finish grade.

This innovative foundation frame, designed and manufactured with VAS patented parts is only available through Vault Access Solutions & Fabrication. Inc. As a sole source provider, municipalities interested in obtaining direct purchase pricing and availability may contact Vault Access Solutions by phone or through our website.

For decades there has been a lack of attention toward improving the security & safety conditions at these retrofit locations. Consequently, the utility industry is far behind compliance to the current OSHA confined space standards. So, to assist, VAS has also started a Get It Quick Program. With the use of any smart phone, field crew leaders can use an online fill-in-the-blanks form to provide the measurements and photographs needed to obtain direct pricing for your fixture. When the request is sent to us, the sender receives a copy of the Initiator Form as well, for further correspondence.

With more than 22 years of excellence, VAS has provided California’s massive population with quality infrastructure products. It is for this reason and their good standing within the infrastructure industry that Vault Access Solutions has been chosen to be the primary fabricator for many municipalities.