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Vault Access Solutions was specifically formed to serve municipalities in need of retrofitting below ground vault locations for wet and dry utilities.

We also retrofit wet wells in need of safety grate protection at sewage and storm drain pump locations.

We have overcome the decades of diverse construction types and styles while improving worker protection and minimizing safety hazards at below grade access locations.

Below are short videos available to you that will show the ease of our “Build To Fit” Retrofit Foundation Frame (RAF) that allows for simple and quick cost-effectively results, you and your crew’s can achieve yourselves. See for yourself, with the videos below, how easy it can be for you!

City of Palo Alto (3 min.) – A sidewalk location where the growth of a 6ft. diameter Redwood tree nearly destroyed the concrete vault below and the sidewalk at each end of the vault. The City used our RAF frame to upgrade the damaged vault structure in less than 8 hours time. The structural integrity of the vault was retained, the Redwood tree was left unharmed and continues to flourish to this day.

City of Sacramento (44 seconds.) – A water treatment plant where three emergency below ground exit locations didn’t meet today’s stringent safety standards. Each of the locations had two doors weighing in at about 500lbs each. After being retrofitted, each location now has a single 70lb. aluminum door, with a handrail to assist with employee safety during emergencies.

City of Yuba City (3 min.) – Two men, with the use of hand tools only, replaced two pump rail guide brackets and retrofitted a sewage wet well fixture, from start to finish in less than three hours.

City of Foster City (4 min.) – A direct traffic “problem area” that had required repetitive service calls due to noise and the hazard of loose steel plates. After removal of a 6” tall concrete extension ring and its corresponding steel frame embed, our direct traffic fixture brought peace to the neighborhood. The City has since retrofitted six similar locations and is now focusing on easier landscape locations; taking on average, one hour to remove and replace.

PG&E Central California (3 min) – A two person crew; one man and one woman, retrofit a corner, below ground location containing natural gas regulating and monitoring equipment in 1.5hrs. Followed by another location (not shown in the video) where the same crew retrofitted two more vaults next to each other in 2hrs 15min.

Los Angeles County, Lancaster, CA (2 min.) – The ease of sidewalk installation on a large, 7ft. wide x 12ft. long new access fixture; total installation time 1.5hrs.

Macon, Georgia (2 min.) – This was not a retrofit, but a good demonstration of the talent that is available to help you achieve your goals. The folks in Georgia needed a 10ft.6in. x 12ft.unobstructed, opening access fixture for a water treatment plant expansion. Despite the fixture’s enormous size, you’ll see a 160lb, 5’8” man open the access doors with ease thanks to our patented torsion parts. NOTE: The carbon steel bars that you see running through the center were placed for shipping purposes and removed upon installation.


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